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An increase in abdominal volume from pregnancy or weight gain causes the skin to stretch and the abdominal muscles to separate along the midline. Unfortunately, the skin does not shrink and the abdominal muscles never return to their midline position, which permanently changes the contour of the abdomen and flanks. Exercise, special diets, and supplements cannot restore tightness to the skin or musculature. An abdominoplasty, also referred to as a tummy tuck, returns the muscles to the midline, moves the belly button up, and takes away the excess skin. This results in flattening of the abdomen, a decrease in the overall circumference, and tapering the waist inward above the hips to restore curves.  At Froedtert South Plastic Surgery our cost for a full abdominoplasty is $6,000, which includes anesthesia, all surgical fees, and follow-up care. Not everyone needs a full abdominoplasty; lessor variations of an abdominoplasty are referred to as a mini-tummy tuck and cost less than a full tummy tuck.

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