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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Freckled Skin

IPL-Intense Pulsed Light

An IPL treatment offers visible improvement for pigmentation, age/sun spots, broken capillaries and overall skin appearance. The unique Optimal Pulse Technology of Froedtert South Plastic Surgery's IPL devise gently and effectively removes skin imperfections and stimulates collagen and elastic fibers production. There is no down-time with our IPL treatments. 

Froedtert South's IPL also can be used as a non-invasive solution for inflammatory acne. The unique Lumenis IPL technology helps to eliminate the bacteria within pores, offering a great alternative for oral medication.


ReSurFx laser

Froedtert South Plastic Surgery's ResurFX™ treatment is a fractional skin rejuvenation solution, enabling Dr. Hill to offer you remarkable results for younger, healthier, glowing looking skin. With ResurFX™ downtime is minimal, so you can get a “lunch time” treatment and return to your busy lifestyle.

The ResurFX™ laser treatment stimulates collagen growth deep within the skin resulting in improved skin texture and specifically minimizing fine wrinkles. ReSurFx's advanced technology exceeds alternative fractional laser options to provide improved results without any time off for recovery. 

Depending on your individual skin, multiple treatments can be performed every 4-6 weeks until the desired skin quality is achieved. 

Close Up Portrait
Young Blond Model

Photofractional treatment

A photofractional treatment is a comprehensive skin rejuvenation solution to improve both skin tone and texture. The treatment incorporates both IPL and ReSurFx skin rejuvenation to revive and improve your skin completely.

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